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“Spring Dance” Reviews

Project Grand Slam is an internationally known New York based Jazz group. Spring Dance is the band’s second album.

“Spring Dance” is the title track to the album and is a joyful instrumental romp. The percussion takes you away as keyboards and an interesting squeaking noise can be heard in the background amidst the piano melodies. The composition of this piece is well defined and the flavor is all jazz. The sax digs deep into the soul of the song as the multi-instrumental nature of the piece takes over like a tidal wave of musical sensation.

“Joe Z” made me think of a New Age Native American piece. The chanting and rhythmic elements lean in that direction, but move toward a saxophone filled Jazz piece. The blending of the two sounds is unique. The song is almost in several different chunks, with a different feel each step of the way. Toward the latter end of the song, an ambient electronica appears and is again joined with horn and percussion to give it a textured feel.

PGS is full of talent and does a great job of showing how versatile they can be. From pure instrumental to upbeat jazz movements and vocals, they have crafted an album that jazz enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy.