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“Project Grand Slam is a spectacular mix of jazz, rock and fusion that combines melody, groove and great improvisation!” – FUSION MAGAZINE

New Album "Made in New York" Available Now!

Made In New York“, is the band’s new fusion album. It features the hit singles, “Fire”, “New York City Groove” and “The Winner”, four other original songs by bassist/leader Robert Miller, plus two tracks recorded “live” at the world-famous Blue Note NYC.

What they’re saying:

  • “Made In New York” is ‘fantastic’! (BVS Reviews)
  • “4 STARS: A damn fine album with great grooves and unforgettable melodies. Top shelf stuff for sure!” (Sea Of Tranquility)
  • “Made In New York” is very ‘hot’ in every way. Inside the cover’s lights of the big city you will find very hot music!” (Jazz Quad)
  • “4 STARS: Music like this has soul, character and culture all wrapped up into one tight package that is hard to resist!” (Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck)
  • “A tasty set that harkens back to when fusion had a distinctive New York edge to it. Fun to groove to…Well done!” (Midwest Record Review)
  • “4 STARS: PGS are on top of their game! Great stuff!” (Pittsburgh In Tune)
  • “The Winner”, off PGS’s new album Made in New York, fits perfectly with the band’s upbeat, ongoing groove that features a dreamy guitar solo and a spunky sax. Check it out!” (All Women’s Talk)

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PGS Covers Jimi Hendrix's "Fire"

Features Kat Robichaud from NBC’s “The Voice”!

What they’re saying:

  • “A truly fiery new cover of Jimi Hendrix’s song!” (Lyndsey Parker,Yahoo Music)
  • “The band takes a rock classic and turns it into their own take! Hendrix would approve! (Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck)
  • “Sultry, sexy and, frankly, brilliant!” (Brews and Reviews)
  • “A really unbelievable gem!” (Music Notez)
  • “Superb!” (Golden Newbies)
  • “Brilliant! Takes a legendary song and makes it fresh!” (Buzzjack)
  • “An excellent single and shows their fearlessness for exploration!” (Indie Music Reviews)
  • “A spectacular single with a sleek, modern sound and brimming with confidence born from experience and skill!” (All What’s Rock)
  • “Project Grand Slam give Jimi Hendrix a stunning tribute with this wholly original take on his classic!” (Beach Sloth)
  • “An exciting reinvention! Stunning take!” (Band Blurb)
  • “Project Grand Slam scores big with this inspiring revision of a long-acknowledged classic!” (Skope Magazine)
  • “PGS covers Hendrix with genuine imagination and tremendous atmosphere! One of the finest reinterpretations in recent memory! (Indie Artists Alliance)
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